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With over 12 years experience, Aiesha conducts her readings and workshops naturally, in a simple, direct language. With great wisdom and insight she delivers her deep understanding of the Mayan Calendar and its relevance to everyday life. Her message is one of hope and light, bringing inspiration and comfort to all. Aiesha began her studies of the Mayan Calendar in Canada, where she taught Astrology workshops and performed Readings for a number of years. Later, she was guided to move back to her country of Mexico and live amongst the contemporary Mayan people in the town of Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula. Since then, she has performed readings and workshops throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe. In Tulum, Mexico, she has continued to work extensively doing Mayan Synergy Astrology sessions and workshops, developing and teaching her own interpretation of this wonderful Mayan science. Aiesha’s work with the Tzolkin (the Mayan Calendar) is based on the synergy that the Quiche (the ancient and original Mayan Calendar) and the Dreamspell (the modern Calendar channeled by Mayan scholar Jose Arguelles) create when used for astrological purposes. This synergy steps beyond polarity and separation into unity, aiding one in understanding the growth of humans within social conditioning and serving as a tool to look into our own individual nature as we gain acceptance of ourselves. This acceptance creates the ability to unfold our talents, trust our inner voice and fulfill our true potential as we learn to intelligently cooperate with life and respect its cycles.
" What a beautiful reading by an amazing woman. I got so much insight and guidance to help me with my future and everyday life." Rasa, Big Sur, California "...The Mayan Calendar and Alejandra gave me a clarity about my nature and the beauty of my existence and the challenges and how to work with them." Carolyn, Yelapa, MX.
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